What If…

There is a “trend” that I suspect is as old as humanity. It is the idea that people that are different in belief, political view, gender, or identity are less than human.

We, Z and I, use this forum to try to fight that idea. She says that she is not courageous, yet, she allows and encourages me to use her as my example. It is not hard for me to do that, in one way, because she is a great example of the kind of human I want to surround myself with. It is very difficult, in an other way, because it reminds me that there are some people that feel that she is not human. *sigh* Some days, most days…ok, every day, I want to protect her from having to be reminded of that. I want people to see her as herself, not a construct of their fears and hates. She has told me that has never happened to her directly to her face, yet, it is hard to avoid the news and the second hand hate.

Shakespeare said it, “For who would bear the Whips and Scorns of time,
The Oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s Contumely,
The pangs of despised Love, the Law’s delay,”

This is what SHE waits for to end. This is how you treat someone that, in your eyes, is less than human. Yet, dealing with this takes more courage than I have. That she is this brave is why I rejoice in the fact that this HUMAN thinks of me as her friend. I don’t know how to make it any more clear. Her living her life while dealing with the lack of regard given to her makes her more human than her detractors.

This what else I see and what I fear for her. She has more to fear from society than it from her. There is a mentality that justifies violence. The excuses given to perpetrate violence against the LBGT community are so far removed from what is human that I can not begin to describe how sub-human that makes those giving them.

I don’t quite know how to “get there from here”. Violence and hate toward an other human are a conscious choice. Demeaning someone or repressing them is an act of volition. To do it to someone that has no chance to avoid it is an act of a bully and a coward.

This did not start out to be a post about violence. It started out to be a plea for people to look outside themselves and see other people as human. It had, and still has, that goal. It was an attempt to say “what if…” we saw each other as they actually are and not how we want to see them. It is an other heartfelt attempt to interject reason. I wish I could put emotion into these words. I wish you could feel the warmth and care I have for Z and realize that a non-human does not provoke those feelings. I wish I could impart the fear I have every time I read a news story about an other random act of violence and think that it could happen to Z. I can not imagine how it must feel from her perspective. I think that if they could empathize with her, it would be a start to ending the hate.


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