How Is This Equal Protection?

When a legally married couple is not allowed to be buried together in a VETERANS cemetery then something is totally wrong. When someone is allowed to impose on those that have served our country and who’s last wish is to spend eternity side by side and they are told NO, then the system is broken. It is not an issue of perceived morality, it is an issue of right and wrong. Period.

Marriage equality is not merely the right to get married. It is the protections given to spouses of life decisions, spousal rights, hospital visitation, end of life decisions, and medical/durable power of attorney. It is child custody and care decisions. It is dignity and respect. Amazingly enough, it is the ability to show off a wedding ring and know that society recognizes the intangible worth of that simple band.

Am I this angry because it is a veteran being treated this way? Yes. I am also this angry because I know that, right now, Z is also refused the same rights that I take for granted? Hell yes. It is personal.


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