…And An Other Thing

There’s an other reason I’ll be happy when Marriage Equality is the law of the land. Z can, in my mind, go back to being Z. Because the focus, here, is equal rights and marriage equality, I am constantly reminded she’s gay. I don’t mind that she is. It isn’t my place to mind. What bugs me is that I constantly have to focus on what is only a part of her to make a point. It’s like reading a Shakespeare sonnet and stopping after the first line. You miss the glory of the whole.

That’s also the thing that the haters and opponents miss. That objecting to one part of a person and not seeing the whole of them loses sight of the way that God made them. He created a living being. He made them in His Own Image. It’s like looking at a rose and objecting to the stem. What about the wonderful flower and the scent?

Like I said, I’ll be happy when we, my “muse” and I, can shift gears, here. For what it’s worth, this post is not a complaint about writing. I do this entirely of my own choice. She, Z, has said she wouldn’t be upset if I stopped. I am not willing to until she is seen as the sonnet or, the rose that she is.


Editorial, please do not take my first paragraph as being any deprecation of being gay. It really makes me not the tiniest bit of difference. It would be like having an objection to fingers. It is just a part of someone. That’s all.


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