What I Want for Z

I was watching and listening to my wife sleep this morning. Being married isn’t the same as living together. My wife is MY WIFE. Does that make sense? That is just one of the reasons I want marriage equality. Z deserves a chance to find and have her wife, too.

I know it sounds “mushy” but, I’d love to see the wedding pics of the brides. I want to see the first kiss.  I think, I’m biased, she’d make a beautiful bride. I want to see the love in their faces. I want to read the Facebook posts about how much love and laughter is in their house. I want to watch, over the years, the love grow. I want her to have someone that is committed to her for the long haul and then, when it happens, eternity.

I don’t know if it will ever happen. I don’t know if she will ever meet someone she wants to marry. I want for her to have the chance.


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