The 151st…I Missed 150

It seems that I missed the 150th post. This is the 151st. You’d think that anything I’d done 150 times would get easier. *sigh* It hasn’t. If it had, I’d have found the right words.

This is about persuasion.

I’m trying to persuade the “anti’s” to not be anti-Z.

I’m trying the “pro’s” to be for “their Z”. We all should be so lucky as to have a Z in our lives, and we should be supportive and proud of the Z’s that share their lives with us.

I’m trying to persuade the Z’s of the world that y’all have people that treasure you for yourselves…even if we don’t quite understand. Does that make sense?

It isn’t about me. There is no reward or accolade i desire…well, I just lied. I do get a reward. I get to do something nice for someone I care about. I get to keep my word to her that I would speak for her in some form every day. I get to go to sleep not thinking that I was silent when I saw an injustice done. I can’t save the world but, I can try to make it better for one person besides my wife.

The only people I’m not trying to persuade are me and Z. We know what we think and that we are on each other’s side. She’s as much my “ally” as I am hers. I merely need a different kind of ally. I have my own “monsters”. She’s there when mine want to come out from under the bed.

It still isn’t any easier, though. Meaning the writing part. I don’t think I ever want it to be easy. The person I write for, Z, is easy enough to write for. Some of the subject matter, the parts about her, love, and faith are things that make me think but, I think all the time anyway. Some of the subject matter, the injustices being done, will never be easy to write about. I don’t want them to be. I don’t ever want to be casual about social injustice done to a friend.

These have taught me some things. I’ve explored my faith. I’ve learned about love. I am kinder. Interestingly, my marriage is stronger because I appreciate it more.  I’ve tried to learn to be gentle in my approach. That does not come naturally to me.

I realize that I am new to the “fight”. I’ve not been in it, openly as an ally, for more than a year. Before that, I was complacent. I do not know what it feels like to have had a lifetime of it. I wish that I had been more concerned for a longer time. *sigh* Since I have been an “open ally”, I’ve been told I’m going to Hell a few times for my views. I’m glad of that. Seems odd but, it means, to me, that I’m not hiding from the haters.

I suppose, in the end, I am proud that I write these. I’m proud of myself for finally growing up and taking a stand and no longer being a bystander.

I would make one request of y’all. If you have any insight or tool I might use to be able to better persuade the “anti’s” not to be anti, please tell me so that I might reach them.

Sorry for the ramble, I guess there was more in my head than I thought.


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