A Gentle Answer

Wonder what would happen if we quit vilifying each other? The Bible says “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”. I wonder if we tried that approach with the “anti’s”?

I have expanded my reading in the time since I started this blog. As a result, I see the pages in support of our view, that humans deserve human rights. When I read those pages, I see anger and hate from BOTH sides directed at the other. What if they BOTH stopped.

What if one side sat down and said “Why do you fear us?” What if the other side listened?

What if the middle, me, said “You have nothing to fear from my friend. She is not asking for extra rights. She just wants the same as yours.” What if I said “Can’t you see? The differences are going to exist. Couldn’t we please realize that no one is a threat to MY marriage?’

What if we all said “God is love. Let us find a way to love each other.” Then we tried.

What if we agreed to disagree and then decided that Human Rights trumped religious views because, without basic Human Rights there would be no religious freedom?

What if peace broke out and we all went home?

Then I could quit talking about Z and find something else. That would be great…except that I wouldn’t get to talk about Z anymore. *grins*


I wrote this last night. Posted it this morning. Was going to edit. Won’t. I hope the meaning reads like I want it to. It makes sense to me.


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