My Christianity

I am a heretic. The word can be defined as “free thinker”. I describe my faith as Heretic Christian. Let me try to clarify.

*I believe that God is sovereign.

* I believe that we are created in His Image. I do not believe that He created junk. That people are the way they are because of His Design. I believe that the way we love and how we go about it are part of His design. Yes, to be perfectly clear, I believe that some people were created gay and had He not wanted them to be He would have made them different.  Also, to be clear, I do not mean the phrase “the way we love and how we go about it” is in any way to excuse crimes against children or adults.

*I believe, related to the above, that because we all female, male, gay, and straight were created in His Image, we all deserve the respect of being His Creations. That Human Rights transcend religious dogma.

*I believe that people are put in our lives for a purpose. We don’t always know what that purpose is. It might not even be for us but, for someone else outside of our lives to see.

*I believe that we are small and God is big. That is less simplistic than it sounds. I mean to say, I have less chance of understanding the Mind of God than an ant does Shakespeare.

*I believe that Christianity is a faith of love, not one of hate or repression. I think that, when it is used as such, it is not Christianity.

*I believe that, when the Bible contradicts itself my default position becomes  the words of Jesus. I think that the Cannon of Scripture is a man made construct. That the Cannon has been changed and adapted several times but, the Gospels remain.

*I believe that sin is personal. That what is sin for me might not be for someone else. That, outside of criminal actions, it is not my place to say what is sin in your life. I believe that it is an act of rebellion. Being straight or gay is being the way you were created. You can not rebel against how He made you. *editorial, Yes, I am adamant on that point. You will never see me condemning my gay friends for being themselves*

*I believe that it is not my place to judge the condition of someone else’s soul. You will never hear the phrase “(blank) is going to Hell” from me. That is for God alone to decide.

*I believe that faith is deeply personal and that it is not my place to judge the faith of someone else. I may not understand it but, that doesn’t mean I have to. It is their faith, not mine. *editorial, Yes, you read this correctly, I just did NOT consign my Pagan friends to Hell. What might, or might not, happen is between them and God*


I wanted to do some more clearing the air, today. I have said that I am Christian in this blog. I wanted to give some context to that. It also helps me to write this out. It clears my mind, too. I do not ask, or expect, anyone to believe as I do. This is only the way my faith works,


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