It Isn’t About Sex…It’s About Love


It is very simple. My friend, Z, is human. Human Rights are for all humans. It shouldn’t ever matter if the humans are gay humans or straight humans. We are all human.

I’ll be blunt, if a female human loves an other female human, they should be given the same rights as I have. If a male human loves a male human, they, too, deserve the same rights. They earned them by simply being human. It seems far worse for a straight couple to have married for money or status than a gay couple to have married for love. In fact, marrying for love is the only legitimate reason to marry that I know.

*Eff bomb warning*

I don’t care who you fuck. Marriage isn’t about sex. It’s about being in love. Lust isn’t the same. Fools mistake the two. When society decides that we have the right to say that being straight isn’t about sex but, that’s all that being gay is about, we’ve mistaken lust for love.

When we deny the basic right to not be questioned about the validity of their love, it is not the fault of the lovers. It is the fault of society. When we make a human a second class citizen based on who they have sex with, it is the fault of society. Period.

Z did not do any thing wrong. Yet, it is “acceptable” to say that who she is attracted to is enough to degrade her rights as a citizen. That is wrong. She committed no criminal act. She has, by her actions, earned the respect that she should be given, yet, she is not treated with that respect because of who she sleeps with. Why is it any of our business? How did she earn that disregard?

I still don’t get it. It seems the height of arrogance for me to determine the validity of love. It seems worse that I should have the ability to vote on the validity of an other person’s love and deny them rights based on what I see. I can not know what is in their heart. I should not have the ability to pass laws deciding what rights they have based on my perception of that. *editorial, I KNOW I am repeating myself.* I’ll be glad of the day when it is no longer “marriage equality” and merely “marriage”.  I’ll be doing my happy dance when society doesn’t treat Z as “Gay Sarah” and looks at her as Z. The haters will still hate and the lovers won’t care if they do. *sigh*


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