A Sample of One or, Are You Possessed ?

My sample size is skewed. When I write these, and I need input, I only ask one person. I know that includes bias. That’s fine with me. I freely admit bias. My perspective is biased toward Z. If it is good for her, I’m for it. if it affects her negatively, I’m against it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think less of MY family, Sweety and me. It’s just that the social inequality that I write about doesn’t affect, directly, our marriage.

When I have a question about how it feels, I don’t want some poll made up of strangers. Why would I? Why shouldn’t I go to the person I write for and about? When I think about how lives are affected, the lives I am most concerned about are the lives of the people I care about. This truly is personal. That’s, in my mind, for the best. A sample size of one provides clarity. In the current iteration of this blog, that’s all that’s needed. Since it is for and about Z first, why should the size be greater. Since my perspective, as the author, is skewed towards her, that’s the only input I want.

Speaking of input, I read an article today and some guy, Gordon Klingenschmitt, said that Z was possessed by a “demonic spirit”. I asked Z. She isn’t. I didn’t think so. If she were, why would she pray for me when I ask. Why would I feel comfortable enough to go to her and why would she ask me to pray for her? That stuff kind of disqualifies the whole demon thing.

See why I only need a sample size of one? If I can’t trust Z, who can I trust? So, you can keep your Gallup Polls. I’ll keep my Z-Poll. I like my polls better anyway. I trust her to tell me the truth. Kind of hard to skew the numbers when it is only one.

Gotta add this, how many other people do you know that you can ask “are you possessed by a demon?” and get an answer without even a twitch? *grins*


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