*I get stuck on a train of thought and it lingers around. This is kind of one of those.*

I freely admit my bias. I’ve done it in multiple posts. I was contemplating the nature of it.

We all have bias toward or against an issue or a person. I will be the first to tell you that my bias toward marriage equality is because of Z and some other family/friends. I would also be the first to tell you that my bias toward equal protection is because of Z. I don’t think that lessens my desire to see it for everyone. It merely makes my passion stronger.

I don’t think that bias is a bad thing as long as I recognize it for what it is. If I know that an issue is going to bump into it, I can recognize it for what it is and attempt to see through it. I will also admit that my personal bias has caused me to skew my beliefs. If I think that something I used to believe is in conflict with something I support, I am willing to adapt my views to fit my bias.

Sometimes, on the other hand, I see my bias against something and have to see through it to be able to find reason. That, too, is part of the process.


I wrote that earlier. I have had time to think about it. When bias gives you a basis to support someone or something, I think it is better than being “anti”. In my mind, it’s what you are willing to stand in favor of that counts. An example is that I have taken a stand in favor of my friend Z and her rights. That stand is one that builds up her. Life, in my mind, is a growth process. Hard to grow when you are constantly tearing down.

All in all, I LIKE my bias. I have embraced a friend and enjoy her friendship. I think that there are far worse things than to support her, even if I don’t do things the way she does. If it means that I judge the world and it’s views through my own subjective views, so be it. Friendship is not always rational. Bias is not always rational. Loving a friend is definitely not rational. So what? I will always be for the ones I love.

I hope this has made sense.


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