Stats Don’t Matter

I have a weakness. I read the stats on the blog. I look to see if anyone “likes” a post. I check to see if anyone reads a post. I hope for a comment.

I miss the point. It really isn’t about numbers, likes, or comments.

It is about Z. It is about you.

If one person reads a post, that’s enough. If no one reads it, I tried. The point isn’t to get numbers. It is to support Z. It is to tell a reader that you are not alone. It is to stand up and say “the way you are treating my friend is wrong and that has to stop”. The point is to say “equal is equal. Period.” The point is to say that marriage equality is not “extra” privilege but, equal protection.

The point is to try to persuade that hate hurts the hater worse than it hurts the hated one. The point is to try to convince or cajole those that would fear into changing their fears. The idea is to let them know that homophobia discounts the person and hates a label.

The point is to help people see that there’s nothing to fear from love. To teach them that the form might be different but, the base is the same. That it doesn’t matter how you love as long as you do love.

It is also for me. If I’m the only one that ever reads them that, too, is enough. That I have to write something and expand my own capacity and creativity is enough. That, every day, I try to find a new way to spread the same message. That I get to talk about my friend and keep my promise. That, for this moment, I get to build someone up. That is enough.

If you do read this, Thank you. If you comment or like, again, thanks. Yeah, I’ll look at the numbers but, I’ll keep reminding myself that touching one person is enough.


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