There Are Some Depraved People In the World

There are things I don’t want to contemplate. I, because of this blog and my stand for Z, have learned about depravity.

I’m not talking about being gay. I’m talking about the “anti’s”.

In their mind, someone could “screw” her straight. They could,also, use something called “conversion therapy”. I’ve found out that conversion therapy involves, among other things, electrical shock. What kind of depraved barbarian would want to do those kinds of things to someone they, allegedly, love? Who, in their right mind, would presume to think that inflicting an act on an other that is repugnant to that person would influence them to change? Where is the logic that says torture is a good thing? The worst part is that they think they would do it in the name of God. I am a Christian. No where have I found that it says that doing these unspeakable acts to an other is within the will of God.

I don’t want Z to change. She’s fine just the way she is. Why, outside the context here, would her being gay have any affect on my life? The only reason it is of any importance at all to me is because I spend time defending her right to be the way God created her to be. She’s not perfect. She’s human. Capable of love, hate, anger and happiness. Being gay wasn’t a decision she made and no amount of hurt can undo it. Being gay is also not an imperfection. It merely means that she and I are attracted to the same gender.

I don’t know what else to say. I am angered  by what some people would contemplate doing to my friend. I wish that I had never learned that people would even contemplate, much less, act on those ideas. I think that there are people that spend too much time worrying about other people’s sexuality and not enough time on their own lives.

I wish there was a way to un-know about this. I don’t ever want to think about someone wanting to hurt my friend. Some people are depraved. Z is not one of them.



  1. “Screw her straight?” Or as I call it, RAPE! Anyone who thinks this is even remotely OK for ANYONE needs their fricking head examined! My head and my morals are just fine. I believe I was made in God’s own image. And I like women. PERIOD! The fact that my “depravity” justifies, in their mind, a sexual assault sickens me. How can they reconcile that in their head? Raping her is OK because it will make her like men? Really? Is that how it works? I’m not going to suddenly be attracted to someone of the gender who sexually assaults me. There is NO logic in any of this thought. How can that even be considered. The conversion therapy idea is just as idiotic. There is no gay agenda to convert straights to be homosexual, yet they claim there is. There IS, however a straight agenda where some are trying to convert homosexuals to be straight. Not very christian if you ask me. Hell, it’s not very HUMAN!! C’mere let me shock you or RAPE YOU because you’re not right!! UGh….makes me really angry!!

    1. It makes me angry, too. Saw the comment “all you need is a good fucking by a REAL man” to a lady on a site. Found out that conversion therapy involves showing porn to a person and while the “act” is happening, shocking the genitals. Nothing is as depraved as the mentality that would encourage that.

      1. I honestly think that they either believe it will or is revenge for their own inadequacies. The conversion therapy part is more insidious. They really believe they are doing the right thing. Either way, they are still barbarians.

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