Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears

The Bible says “do not take counsel of your fears”. This comes to mind because we are moving. My wife worries. She’s the one that says “what if…” I’m the one that says “don’t worry, Dear, it’ll be ok.”

I read some sites. I look at the silliness that the comments and the “anti’s” post. THEY have listened to their fears. They have connected a bunch of dots and come up with what they want to believe and not the truth.

The truth is that being gay doesn’t lead to fill-in-the-blank any more than being a straight male leads to being a rapist. The truth is that my gay friends don’t want to eliminate the straight population. The truth is that Z presents NO threat to you.

The truth is, also, that there’s a part of the straight population that DOES present a threat to my gay friends and Z. *sigh* That they have listened to the voice of fear. That they want to eliminate the gay people in our world. That, to use a Texasism “just ain’t right”. That they demand freedoms and rights while denying them to others is a standard I want no part of.

Human rights are for humans. If I was to listen to my fears, I’d start denying rights, too. I’d deny them to nutjobs that haven’t bothered to ask questions like “if I didn’t decide to be straight, how can I say someone ‘decided’ to be gay?” I’d deny them to the people that have taken my faith, Christianity, and used it as an excuse to hate. I’d deny them to the people that advocate harm or rape as a “conversion” tool. In other words, I’d deny them to those that advocate hurting humans.

I don’t expect people to see my views as correct. I hope I’m not in a minority with my view that “straight humans” and “gay humans” are better described as ALL humans. I know that people disagree with my views because I’ve had people argue with me or stop associating with me because of my outspoken views. Good for them. I’d rather drive them away with the truth than to fear their loss and remain silent.

Don’t listen to your fears. Fear is irrational. Be cautious with what you listen to, that’s fair. Be rational with your beliefs.


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