Repeating Myself

Do you ever think you’re repeating yourself? I know I do. I am sure that I have rephrased the thoughts in this blog in as many different ways as I can think of. It happens.

Here’s the deal, I gotta keep trying. I wish I could find a way to be “new and fresh”. Even if I can’t, then a repeat will have to do.

There are just a limited number of ways my brain can find to say that hate is not a Christian value. There aren’t that many ways to say that love is a good thing. Saying, again and again, that being gay is not a threat to those of us that are straight becomes repetition. Hitting the point that marriage equality doesn’t diminish my marriage is still a theme that I keep saying.

I’ll try it again, ’cause I have to. Some of the followers of this blog are gay. My friend, and muse, Z is gay. She, and they, are neither good people or bad people because of that. Being gay doesn’t affect how good a person you are. It merely means that you are capable of love and seeing yourself for what you are. Good or bad within a person is a matter of “content of character”, not the gender your brain is wired to love.

I’ll keep repeating myself because I have to. When it doesn’t need to be done, I’ll quit. In the mean time, there’s a line in a song “he’s a one trick pony”. That’s me.


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