We Can Be Different and the Same

I have a weakness. I read the comments sections of articles. Then I get frustrated.

Here’s why. Human rights are not “political”. Meaning, I don’t have to be a liberal or a conservative to advocate for basic rights. Neither the left nor the right have any claim to my stance.

Human rights are not the exclusive province of any religion or lack. It is entirely possible to be Christian, non-progressive, and support marriage equality.

Saying that because of my stand in one area I have to agree with ALL of a particular set of views is fallacy. That labels me, just as it takes away my freedom of thought.

I do my very best to persuade people to stop labeling and stereotyping. Why, then, would the very group that I’m trying to defend decide that I must be labeled? *editorial, I hope this post doesn’t sound like I’m whining. I don’t mean for it to  be*

Let’s, while I’m on this track, take an other case. Z is one of the most politically conservative people I know. She’s a “true conservative” where I think of myself as a “moderate” or an “independent”. It would seem that the majority, pardon the stereotype, of the “gay community” would think that’s “heresy”. That a lesbian could be conservative  is an anathema. Again, why?

We, humans, seem to think that someone has to agree with all of our views if they agree with one or, if they disagree with one they must disagree with all of them. I’m not sure why that is. People ARE different. We have idiosyncrasies. We will insist on being independent. That’s ok. God Created us to be individuals. He allows us to love differently. He gave us a chance to have different faiths and views. He decided that the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Let’s not dislike for the differences but, embrace them. Let’s appreciate that people that are different can, sometimes, agree on the important stuff like an appreciation of love and a desire for equality.


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