I’m Not Needed

Here’s something you might not know.

Z does’t need my support. She’s more than capable of standing up for herself. She has the ability to speak her mind and not care if someone is offended by it. That doesn’t mean she does that all the time. Just often enough that I have no doubt that she is capable.

I write these because I want to. That I do, as an advocate for Z and her rights as a human, is out of desire on my part to back up my friend. Not out of some sense of obligation to her.

We’ve agreed that if she ever decided to tell me to “eff off” I would. I don’t see that happening but, it is a possibility. That would be a bummer because I’d have p.o’ed her enough for her to do that. She’s on the short list of people I don’t want to offend because I don’t want them to tell me to go away.

That to get to this. “We hold these truths to be self-evident” shouldn’t need an advocate. Human rights are for humans. The idea that we have to advocate for them is only needed when people are to blind or too dogmatic to see them.

Being gay or straight or whatever faith or lack are merely parts of being human. Maybe some day everyone will figure that out. In the mean time, needed or not, I’ll keep pointing out the obvious.

*editorial, This post is not intended to be a complaint. It is fine with me that I’m “not needed”. Having friends that are independent and capable is a good thing. If Z were “needy”, in the emotional sense, we probably wouldn’t be friends. Truth be told, I probably need her more than she needs me.*


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