A Need to Write

Do you ever get a need to write and not have a clue what the need is? This is an other one of those.

I am a Romantic. Not a romantic, if you know the difference. I would have been happy to slay dragons and save the damsel. Sadly that age is past.

We still have dragons. Now, they wear human skin. We still need to save people from them. It seems that ideas and hate have replaced the fire the dragons would breathe. The people that need to be saved are no longer just damsels but anyone that the “dragons” would repress.

I don’t know that this makes sense. I know that it might imply that, given the context of the blog, that someone that is gay might need saving. They do but, not from themselves. I don’t have a problem with anyone being gay. In context, from my view, I just don’t care what gender you love.

My gay friends could use an other voice to add to theirs. They get mine. My demographic rarely speaks for them. Not many blue-collar, male, middle-aged, Christian, straight, and married advocates. Particularly not that are not “liberal”. My politics could be defined in several ways. Liberal is not one. Of course, neither is “conservative”. Independent comes closer. I digress.

Sometimes, I just think that being a Romantic, in this age, with my tools, means that the best I can do is write and offer an imaginary hug. Just offer the warmth of knowing that someone wants the best for someone they see as not getting it. The thought that there is a safe place, if just for a moment.

I don’t know if any of this made sense. I hope it did.

*Spreads arms and offers hug*


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