Yet An Other Reason

There is a law in Wisconsin that allows “domestic partnerships” to have the same rights as marriage without using the “M-word”. That’s great. It’s not the same.

We’re moving. My wife is doing most of the work because I have to go to work. Yet, she knows that, if she asks for help, no matter how tired I am, I jump up and help. Why? Because she’s my wife. She knows she can count on me to the end. Period. I took an oath.

A “domestic partner” is not a spouse. If it doesn’t take a divorce to break it up, it didn’t have a commitment to begin with. I’m not saying that long term monogamous partners are not committed. They can be and are, particularly if that’s all the law allows. What I am saying is that the simple act of the ceremony makes a difference in mindset.

I don’t know if Z will ever find someone she wants to marry. I hope that she will be able to. I think she deserves more than a “domestic partnership”.


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