So What? A Second One *oops*

We lost a co-worker. We knew it was coming. She was a trainee for a different store. I wish we could keep her. I, personally, will miss having her around. She’s a good kid. She’s smart, hard working, eager, friendly, nice smile, and laughs a lot. I was thinking that if we, Sweety and I, ever had a daughter, I’d like to have one like her. Yeah, that’s how much the last month with her made me think.

The day before she left I found out she is gay. The way the conversation went, from my side was something like this “Really? Ok, so what?”

A little bit later I told her “If we ever had a daughter, I’d like her to be like you.”

I’d still like to have a daughter like her. What’s not to want in a kid like that? That she’s gay? So what?

Being gay is only a drawback if it changes the way you view someone. In my case, the only thing it does is make me realize that there’s an other person that I care about and need to write for. It seems the list grows.



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