This Was a Facebook Status

Because I haven’t put one on my wall for some time, here’s a thought…Let’s say, for a moment, I have a strongly held religious belief. Let’s say that my faith is not Christian, but some other faith. *make up a name* Let’s say that I have an issue with the Christian rite of Communion. *editorial, I am Christian and have no issue with Communion* Since that issue of eating the transubstantiated body and drink the blood of Christ smacks of cannibalism, I feel that those that do are “perversion”, “abomination” and “morally repugnant”. As a result, I should be given the right to deny equal protection and rights. Because I feel that cannibals shouldn’t be allowed to spread their views and “agenda” I am going to deny them the ability to marry or adopt. Cannibals should also not be allowed to have a job at my company so, when I find out, I’m going to fire them. You see, cannibals are against the faith I have which is one of peace and love. “But wait”, you say, “Christianity is my faith and the way that we do things has no affect on your life. I should be granted the same rights as you”..Now, lets take that parable and apply it to the current situation in the USA…When you are willing to impose your religious views as a way to deny rights to those you don’t understand or approve of, don’t be surprised when, some day, your rights are taken away or denied. You reap what you sow. If you sow removal of rights and making people second class citizens, it will come back. If you sow harmony and protection of people you don’t understand, that, too, will come back…food for thought…y’all have a nice day


Sorry that the format is sloppy. I just wrote it over there and copied it to here. You get what ya get.


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