I Wondered How I Was Going To Write This…

…then I found this

Matthew 7:12New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

The Golden Rule

12 “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.”

This one verse trumps the voices that would treat my human friends as less than themselves. It tells, directly, those folks that, even though they might not “approve”, they have no right to repress. *editorial, using the word “approve” is not an accurate or good way to say it. It’s like saying “I don’t ‘approve’ of you breathing air*

I hadn’t really intended to use the word “gay” in this post. You see, I’m getting tired of it. I started writing for Z. Still do. I have also added Cassie because, well she’s a kid I also like. I digress. When I’m not writing or thinking about a post, I do think about them. I just don’t use the words “gay” or “lesbian” in my thoughts. Rather, I think about their smiles and the way they are as people. The thought “that’s my friend” doesn’t have any qualifiers.

This is my hope for them…and you…and those that would repress, I hope you would treat humans the way you would have them treat you. I would hope that self-interest would trump any feelings of disdain or disgust. *editorial, from the perspective of a gay person, being straight is “uchy”, too. I know. I asked* I would hope that a difference that is none of your business wouldn’t cause you to act like it is. I would also hope that there is Divine Mercy. I fear that if we decide to exclude someone from the Kingdom of Heaven then God might say “That was the way you WANTED to be treated…”



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