Two Lesbians, Two Witches, and a Texan Walk Into a Bar…

That was a joke in a conversation last night. Funny thing is, those were the people involved.

If I had limited the people I love to people like me, the joke would have been “a Texan walks into a bar”. As jokes go, that would have not been very funny. The ladies involved, all 4 of them, are friends that I love. It’ll never be romantic love but, it is love.

Love, for me, is still a learning process. I have found it surprising to even use the word. I didn’t used to know it. That word was for movies and other people. Now, I know what it means…even if I can’t define it. Does that make sense?

I don’t care that those 4 are Ladies. I don’t care that they have differences from me. If I had cared, I wouldn’t be able to love them. If I had cared, I wouldn’t be able to make the joke.

I do care that the feeling is returned. I think they do feel the same in return. I think they want the same things from me I want from them…nothing more than to be in each other’s world.

A word of advice, never let a label make your choices for you. Don’t let one part of your perception keep you from loving the whole of someone. Take what love your friends will give you. Be glad your friends are different from you. Let the world see your friends for what they are.

I’d rather be in the joke “two lesbians, two witches, and a Texan walk into a bar” than outside looking in. Wouldn’t want them to be any other way than the way they are. They are great. Besides, where else can I talk about boobs and not be sexist? *grins*


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