Some Thoughts…Part IDK

What do you do when your beliefs come into conflict with the reality of the people you surround yourself with? When faced with the idea that someone, in abstract, could be “against my religion” and the fact that they are a person you have found that you treasure, which side do you choose? The thing is, I am Christian. My “best friend that is not my wife”, Aj, is Pagan. By the terms of my “religion”, I should have nothing to do with her and consign her to Hell. The reality is, I can’t bring myself to do that. I know her. She’s a better “christian” than most Christians I know…except for the part about Christ. I haven’t abandoned my faith, I just don’t, mentally, force her to conform to those rules.


My closest friends are Ladies. *yes, the capitol “L” is intended, they’ve earned the title* They are a diverse group. *editorial, see the blog title, “Two Lesbians, Two Witches, and a Texan Walk Into a Bar”. I love them for themselves. I am proud of them because of the persons they are. I am also happy that they are NOT like me. I don’t want to surround myself with ideological copies of myself. Yes, there needs to be some commonality of values. No, there doesn’t need to be sameness. I’m trying to make this make sense…I think I’m trying to say that because they are themselves and ARE different from me, I like them more than I would if they were generic WASP’s. *editorial, I keep removing those types from my FB page* Does that make me odd because I enjoy the diversity of my friends and the fact that they are comfortable with themselves just the way they are?


I seem to have a “daughter”. She’s not really my kid…except that, if we had ever had kids, I’d want one just like her. Anyway, we’re having a lot of fun with this. The Ladies I mentioned above are now “Aunts” and Cassie fits right in. I hope they don’t get her into too much trouble. It’d be hard for me to ground an almost 20 year old. *grins* Seriously, I don’t really know how to be a “parent”. What I do know is how to be a friend and an ally. That, I can do. I hope that’s enough.


That’s enough thoughts for a rainy Sunday morning…Oh yeah, the entire point of this, enjoy your friends for who they are. Never write off someone for being “different”. In fact, celebrate the differences. Play in the yard with them. Show them off. It is fun to be the punch-line in the joke “Two lesbians, two witches, and a Texan walk into a bar.”


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