A Guest Post by Leanna

*editorial, I’m moving. Some friends are helping me keep my word. This is one*

When I look at people all I see is the person. I don’t understand the obsession with labels. I don’t understand how some people will put a label on themselves and then restrict themselves to that label. This labeling system is so very broad. White, black, blonde, red head, fat, skinny, gay, Christian… bad dog good dog.

I also don’t understand why people love to hate. Love to be mean. Love drama. And for some of them they think this enriches their lives. They think they are guaranteed a seat in a special place if they label and then hate the label.

I remember when I was very young and in a bus stop in a city, I was a very sheltered country girl. There was a very big muscular man and he was beating up a very small woman. I at 19 wanted to run over and make him stop. I couldn’t understand how so many people could stand around and watch this happen and not do ANYTHING about it. How could they stand there and watch him take his very large fist and pound it into this woman’s face? The people around me told me to shut up or I would get my ass kicked too. At 49 I see this still happening all around me every day.. people not standing up for each other. I still see very large fist being pounded into people’s faces just because of their personal choices.

For me this is not just an issue of whether someone is Gay, or Pagan or Wiccan or Christian.. it’s an issue of how we treat each other. And as clique as it sounds it reminds me of Rodney King when he said “Can’t we all just get along?” Love… Love is the key. If people could see how much loving everyone could change the world. I love 2 Lesbians… a Witch and an amazing Christian Texan.. and it has enriched my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.


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