If You Are Reading This…

I’m writing Sunday night for a post on Wed. Like I’ve mentioned before, my life is a bit chaotic right now. One of the things I promised I’d do was to say something somehow every day. I’m cheating by saying it in advance…

I really am not prepared to write this. I have NO idea what to write. I’d write a “generic” support post but, no. I’d also write a protest but, don’t feel like it. My sense of humor isn’t gone but, I’m tired and so it’s lacking.

I’ve been posting, lately about how proud I am of my friends and daughter. That hasn’t changed. I hope I haven’t sounded proud of myself. I’m not. I know I am blessed by having a group of friends like the ones I have. I make an attempt to point out “differences” so that they might be minimized and so that y’all might see the similarities. I hope that’s working.

We are all different. We are individuals.

We are also all the same. We are all human.

Human rights are for humans, different humans and similar humans.

I’ll say this about my human friends, though. Revel in the differences. See the human failings and the triumphs. We all have both. Enjoy those humans that allow you into their lives for as long as they will have you. I know I intend to and I’ll be glad to do it. My human friends make me smile.


I have a few minutes to add this thought. I knew Aj for years before I knew she is a Pagan. I knew Leanna for about the same length of time before I found out she followed Wicca. I knew Z for years before I found out she was gay. On the other hand, about the time I decided Cassie would make a good daughter, I found out she was a lesbian.  My response to Aj and Lee was “cool”. My response to Z was “really?” *editorial, I had no idea. I’m married. I wasn’t looking for a date* By the time Cassie rolled around, I was at “ok, so?”

Honestly, the differences those ladies have between my “conventional” life and themselves just makes them more interesting to be around. I don’t know if this sounds condescending. I hope not. What I want you to understand is that with my wife and those 4, I am surrounded by people that I love and love me in return. I am the minority in that group. It’s fun.


Edit to the edit…

We, Sweety and I, are not rich. We aren’t ever going to be. That doesn’t matter to me. It isn’t the money that counts. We have enough to eat and are comfortable. What does matter is the people in my life. The Lady that is my wife and the Ladies that are my friends are the treasures that count. By that standard, I am wealthy beyond what I ever imagined I could be.


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