Some Thoughts…Part IDK +1

Moving is a challenge when you are married. It involves two people having ideas of what needs to be done filtered through imperfect communication, heat, blood and bruises *yes, moving furniture costs blood*, and frustration. On the other hand, moving strengthens a good relationship. It builds teamwork. It allows you to get rid of some accumulated shit stuff.

My daughter asked me how to tell if you are in love. Cassie, I wish I had an answer. When I was young, I mistook passion for love. That might be part, it’s not all. Lust is NOT love. I think there’s a time function involved. If it stands the test of time, it is love. If it is love today, it will be in a year. That probably doesn’t help at 19 when a year is a bigger portion of a lifetime than it is at 50 still, it’s what I have. There’s also trust. If you can trust that person is something you are going to have to find out. *sigh* I just hope it doesn’t hurt too bad if you find out you can’t. If that happens, then you can cry on my shoulder. That is my job.

I write about marriage equality. I write about religious freedom. I write about my wife and my friends. I try to avoid pointing fingers at people that don’t see what I see. I try to avoid words that are “emotionally loaded” because that doesn’t advance the cause of seeing my friends…and myself as humans. I read words of hate and accusation from all sides of the things I write in support of and wonder how people that claim to love can believe the hate they speak. To be blunt, if you want to hate, I can’t stop you. If you want to believe that your way is the only possible “right way”, there’s nothing I can do to prevent that. If you are unwilling to accept that “different” is NOT the same as “wrong”, then it is your loss and not mine. My friends…and EVERY other person are DIFFERENT. Deal with it. You didn’t corner the market on “right” the day you were born. I make mistakes every day and will ’till the day I die.

Haven’t touched it lately but, will now. I am a Heretic Christian. I tend to disregard the words about “social issues” in the Bible that have been superseded by the passage of time. I do not own my wife. Women are not second class citizens. Stoning is not an option. If you choose to “cherry pick” the Bible, that’s fair, I do. I have picked the parts that tell us to love on another and the parts that teach us to deal with people the way we want to be dealt with. I ignore the laws and strictures of the OT. I ignore the parts that talk about what people do in privacy. I remember the words that talk about judgement being reserved for God and NOT me.

I think these are enough for today.



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