Pagan, Lesbian, or Female and My Bias

Normally, I write these earlier in the day. Stuff happened so, today’s is late…

There’s a Christian concept, “love your neighbor”. Most of the time, I don’t even “like” my neighbor. That’s not to say I’m not polite, friendly, and humorous. I just don’t like people. That’s an odd thing for a guy that has to deal with the public as part of his occupation. It’s odder for a blogger that writes about love and equality. It also happens to be the truth.

The funny thing is that there are people I both love and like. It happens. *grins*

I suppose it doesn’t matter who we like or love, in the long run, as long as there are people we do like and love. Sometimes they creep into your life. Then you wonder how different your world would be without them in it. Others, you are instinctively “buddies at first sight”. In my “family”, by that I mean the volunteers, there are some Ladies that fit each of those categories.

Any way, I was thinking about them and my own bias. I don’t do things the way they do, my close friends fall into 3 categories. They are either Pagan, Lesbian, or Female…or some combination of those three. I am “none of the above”.*grins again*

Here’s the point of commonality. We are ALL human. My bias is toward equal rights for my human friends. I don’t care if you like them. I do care that you treat them as humans while disliking them. It just so happens that someone will always be disliked by someone else. There are people that I don’t like and that don’t like me, go figure. Still, no one is saying that my rights should be infringed on. No one is saying that my romantic love for my wife should be discounted. If my love for my chosen partner has worth, why would someone else’s have less worth?

Any way, I guess I just don’t get it. That happens a lot. I don’t have to like or love everyone. I don’t really have to be that objective or altruistic. I believe that activism is selfish. That we stand up for causes that directly affect us. I think I’ve said it before, I’m all in favor of selfish activism. That keeps us dedicated and passionate. I would rather have an ally that is different than I am that shares a passion for what I care for than a clone that just parrots my words without any feeling. These ladies Aj,Lee, Z, and Cassie are the ones I write for and about. Their lives have value to me. Their rights are important to me. That they are protected, their beliefs not restricted, their right to find love and marry granted. Those things are why I write. Those are people I love. Those 4 and my wife are the “handful” of Ladies that are why I care enough to have written 200 odd posts. Those humans are my bias.


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