Love…and Trolls

Welcome to the Internet. Here you will find every possible expression, or a copy, of every kind of idea possible. You can find love and hate. It is a place to find friendship, support, and trolls. What? Yes, that’s correct. You can find people that share the same views that will give you support. You can find people that have different views that also give you support. You can also find strangers that hide behind the anonymity of a screen and hate you just for existing.

My name is the real me. I make no attempt to hide who I am. The people I write for and about are also real. I call them by the names I use in the blog. Sure, this reads like a “Letters to the Editor” column sometimes but, we are who we say we are. We’ve been lucky to have not been trolled. It has been my good fortune to not have had hateful comments directed at me or my friends here.

Still, because of the blog and my attempts to stand up for my friends that I’ve been reading blogs and sites that I normally wouldn’t have. Those sites are frequently trolled. It’s funny, not ha ha, that some of the trolls are haters and some are supporters. Yeppers, some of the people that would support an issue disagree with the way other supporters go about expressing their support.

I can be outspokenly blunt and profane…in person. I am probably the person I work with most likely to tell a co-worker to “shut the fuck up”. *sigh* In fact, I KNOW I am. I’m not proud of that capability. Why it comes up is because, there is no hiding when it’s face to face. There’s no attempt to hide behind self-righteousness.

I guess I just don’t get it. If your attempt is to persuade, then use words of kindness. If your attempt is to convince someone to see your views, being a troll only causes a negative reaction. Hiding and then using words of cruelty and hate are the methods of a coward. Making unfounded accusations to pander to your audience may keep your audience happy but, do nothing to convince the outsiders. To paraphrase, “when you use the word ‘Nazi’, you’ve lost”.

I suppose this post is a rant. In 204 posts, counting this one, there have been a few. This one was probably due.

As a conclusion, I’ll not say what I’m against, I’ll say what I’m FOR…I’m for houses with yellow roses in front. I’m for humans being treated as humans. I’m for people of faith being given the room to believe as they wish. I’m for ANY couple that wants to marry being able to do that. I’m for stating what you believe and having the courage to put your real name on it. I’m for my wife, Aj, Z, Leanna, and Cassie. I’m for hugs. I’m for bacon…and rib-eyes.


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