Things I Don’t Want to Understand

The older I get, the less I want to understand. In fact, there are some things I don’t want to understand.

I don’t want to understand the mindset it takes to discriminate against someone because of gender or sexual orientation. I think trying to figure that out would be like one of those “profilers” that the FBI uses to try to figure out how criminals think. It would mean that I actually understand their “reasoning”. It would mean that the way they decide to use their energy for hate made sense. I don’t get it…and don’t want to.

I don’t understand treating people like objects,  either. People are humans. They are not statues to be pooped on by every passing bird. They are not furniture to be sat on by every a$$. They are living, breathing, feeling individuals. I guess I don’t get that…and don’t want to.

I also don’t want to understand the desire to make my “business” your “business”.  I don’t understand why someone would care how I live my life inside of my own house. *editorial, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand wanting to stop criminal actions* What I mean is, if what I’m doing is not a crime, why do you care? I think they must want to be offended and I don’t get that…

I don’t understand the logic that says “I love you so, you must change for me.”

I also don’t understand the thought that turns love into hate. The logic that allows for unprovoked violence. The thoughts that lead to jealousy. If you love someone, trust them.

I suppose all these boil down to not wanting to understand other people’s motivations. If I understood them, they might make sense. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out myself. I don’t want to understand people that don’t want to get along. *sigh*

Perhaps…not perhaps, I’m naive. I expect things to be the way they appear. I presume that people believe what they say they do. I expect that an organization that talks about “marriage” to be for ALL marriage. I expect a group that is for “civil rights” to not exclude people. I think that Christ was about love and that my fellow Christians shouldn’t be preaching hate. *editorial, I AM NOT stereotyping all Christians, just the “haters”*

Maybe, for me, part of growing up was to actually grow…


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