The Greatest Gift My Wife Gave Me…

I listen to sappy old rock songs on the radio. They sing about love and families. I get teary eyed. They also make me sad for other people.

I read articles about couples that couldn’t get married and one of the partners dies or becomes very ill. Those also make me sad.

The greatest gift I was ever given was the day my Lady Wife said “I do”.

To digress, we are a “mixed” couple. She likes Led Zeppelin and I like Pink Floyd. We worked both into our wedding. She walked down the aisle to “Thank You”. We ended with “Pigs on the Wing (Part Two”. She also played air guitar because the “aisle” was really a shorter trip than we had planned. It was a beach house balcony. Also, she said “I do”. The best I could do was “whoa yeah”.

Back on track, I never expected to be married. We were married late, in our late 40’s. First time for each of us. We’ll have no kids. That clock has ticked. Yet, no one questions the legitimacy of our marriage. No one questions our motivations. If something were to happen to one of us, no nurse or doctor would question that the other had a right to make the decisions. No one says that our marriage is due to our “lifestyle” *editorial, Z, I used that word on purpose. I know it’s not a “lifestyle”*

To say that a couple can not marry because someone else has decided that their love can not be valid is (pick a word) wrong. *editorial, “bigoted”, “hateful”, or “effing arrogant as hell” would also fit* *”cruel” also fits*

I AM a Christian. I don’t really want to hear an other single Christian use the Bible to tell me that they have decided that someone can not marry. I don’t want to listen to the “hate the sin, love the sinner” line. I read in an other blog a guy said that if it were phrased “hate the bigotry, love the bigot” it would change perspectives. I think that nails it. Denial of rights based on your perception of the tenets of your faith is fine…as long as you ONLY do it to willing participants in your faith. Once you get outside of the “club’ you have chosen to join and start applying them to the broader population, that goes away.

We can’t change the “hearts and minds” of those unwilling to change. We can’t open the eyes of those that have decided to be blind. We can mitigate the damage they cause by changing the rules. We, meaning those of us with a “straight lifestyle” *see what I did, there, Z*, can stand up for our gay and lesbian friends and demand “equal protection” for them. We can repeat the fact that a legitimate marriage is no threat to our marriage. We can point out that love and commitment know no boundaries. That if a “mixed” couple, like me and Sweety, have a legitimate marriage, who are they to question the marriage of someone else. Marriage takes work and commitment. If someone is willing to do that, who are we to question it?


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