200 and a Few

I’ve gotten to the point that I’m repeating myself. It had to happen. I’ve been trying to write, at least, one a day. I started on Feb 10, 2014. This has been an outgrowth of a commitment I made to a couple of friends. One is my best friend that is not my wife. The other is the first person I go to when I feel like I need someone to pray for me. It is because I had started “protesting” on my Facebook wall using “stolen” pictures and memes. It is in direct support of religious freedom and treating humans as human. I don’t like labels but, my bftinmw is Pagan and my prayer partner is Lesbian. *editorial, those labels only really apply for y’all. For me, they’re just Aj and Z*

I’ve learned some stuff along the way. I read the sites that both support marriage equality and the “anti” sites. There are very few saints on either side of the issue. Particularly when it comes to the vocal supporters of either perspective. I know I’m no saint. When an issue is emotionally charged it tends to bring out the ugliness in the commentators. It seems that emotion trumps reason. I’ve tried to be civil as I write. Mostly, I think, I have. Sometimes, I have not.

I have tried to point out that there comes a point that even as a Christian, Civil Rights should not be influenced by religious views. In all honesty, if we applied my religious views to Civil Rights, there are Christians that aren’t heretics, like me, that I would deny rights to, specifically because I think they’ve twisted the love of the Bible toward hate. *sigh* I try to be objective. I’m not.

I’ve  tried to point out to the anti’s that think the “lifestyle” is a “choice” that it is neither. They don’t seem to listen. My survey on those two words was a very small sample size. I asked Z. She said it was the way she is. That she didn’t make a choice. She also said that it wasn’t a lifestyle any more than it was just the way she was created. I believe her. She might be any number of things. She IS honest. I’ve never had a reason to doubt that. Not going to start doubting her.

I’ve  used my past as an example. I was an addict/alcoholic. *editorial, I don’t think of myself as one now. I don’t use and haven’t for quite a few, 8 1/2, years. I carry the baggage if not the guilt. The past is past.* I’ve said that if we are going to deny Civil Rights to potential risks to society, they should have been denied to me. That addiction is a danger to society. Being gay is not. That perspective is still valid.

I’ve  tried to point out that, the majority of the Bible supports love and respect for others. That Jesus never said one word about being gay. That if we are to use a couple of OT verses and, depending on the way the Greek translates, a couple of NT verses to be exclusionary, then we have to apply to ourselves the majority of the rest of the Bible to ourselves. As a straight person, I find more commentary about losing my temper, diet, clothing choices, and a myriad of other things that would disqualify me. That the Bible specifically points out that I should be focused on MY OWN issues. That how others live their lives is not my problem. In all reality, I have more “stuff” to deal with than I have time for. Why should I be worried about what you do? *editorial, I’m a hypocrite. I write a blog to try to influence others and say “Why should I be worried about what you do?” go figure*

I would love it if someone wanted to write a “guest post” giving a different perspective, as long as it is in support of the context of the blog. Yeah, I’m biased. I’ll let a comment from an anti through but, this blog is to support my friends… and sometimes talk about what I happened to be thinking about.

Any way, I couldn’t think of anything to write this morning, so I did a rehash.*grins* I suppose y’all know where I stand, even when I’m sitting typing.


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