Dear “Anti’s”

‘Nother protest post…

Dear “Anti’s”,

Please do not presume to represent me. I don’t need your help. If you want to note that you only represent the members of your organization, that’s fine. I’d rather have all y’all in the same place. That way I can point out that your voice is not mine.

I want no part of your Hetero-Pride Month.  Don’t need one. I am hetero but, that is not the source of my “pride”.

Your “National Organization for Marriage” does not speak for mine. My marriage is just fine without your help.

Your churches that claim to stand for “family values” while doing their best to prevent families from happening are hypocritical. The fact that they say that there is sanctity in marriage and then try to tell couples that they are “living in sin” as they, the churches, deny the right to marry is more than offensive. The ability to teach parents to disown their children that come to them for support takes more “mental gymnastics” than I care to engage in.

Your abilities to speak of Nazi’s, the Holocaust, and persecution being directed at you are beyond comprehension.

The bottom line is this, my friends are not trying to take your rights away. Their desire is to have the same rights. That in NO WAY diminishes yours. They are not asking for extra. They are asking for equal, not “separate but equal”, just equal.

We have progressed past the point that it makes the tiniest bit of sense for the existence of your groups. You can cling to your, mistaken, perceptions. You have no right to presume to speak for me.

If you wish to hide in your hole and tell your xenophobic, homophobic, and bigoted selves that the world is against you, have right at it. You miss the point, no one is telling you that you have to give up anything…not even your hate. Just don’t think that I have to agree with you.


Miller Davidge III



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