I’m a bit bored…and tired…and my head hurts. Ugh. That’s a bad combination. I wrote a post earlier ripping everyone…well everyone except the people I didn’t rip. *grins* I did it because I get tired of hearing, really reading, how I am threatened.

I am threatened. My wife tickles me when she decides I need it. We disagree on that.

I am threatened by the tools I work with. I’m a butcher. Sharp things cut and burners burn.

I am threatened by driving in traffic.

My Dr Pepper habit and my smoking present potential threats.

Interestingly enough, the KKK analog Anti’s present a threat to me. They put me on the defensive because of their stance against my family and friends. That tends to make my heart rate and blood pressure go up.

Having said all that, Marriage Equality does not present an existential threat to my marriage. My friends and daughter do not present a threat to my “straight lifestyle”. *Sorry, Anti’s, they just don’t. As far as I can tell, I asked, all they want is to be left in peace…and equality. That is not too much to ask.*

Do you know why I write these? I’ve probably *grins* covered it a time or twenty. It’s not because my friends are not capable of speaking for themselves. It’s not for MY conscience. It’s because I love my family and friends. They deserve for someone to stand up beside them. I write because writing is the least I could do. It really is the least. This is a free blog. The internet is going to be paid for no matter how I use it. All this requires is for my racing mind to put words on a screen and my name on a page. *sigh*

If you want to feel threatened by someone, here’s a suggestion. Make sure it’s an actual threat. Be sure that they want to take something away from you. Check and see that you are not applying your prejudice and paranoia. Look at yourself and be positive that your motives to deprive someone of their rights are not being transferred to those you would deprive. Then, if it passes all those tests, see if the threat is real. In the end, letting people live their lives in peace is not really a threat.


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