Yet An Other Collection of Thoughts

Yes, an other post of a collection of thoughts…

Were it not for saying I’d say something every day, I’d quit writing these. I’m getting tired of it. I write these for some people. I told them I would say something every day so, I do. Let me explain myself…

This context forces me to label some friends. I don’t like doing that. It’s not because the labels don’t fit. It’s because the labels limit them. I’ll give it this, they do have limits. Everyone does. It’s just that they are more than what a single label could confine them into. If I apply “Pagan” or “Lesbian” or “female” or any other single label to any of them, then I’m the one limiting them. They deserve more than that from me.


I am a Texan. There are things I don’t like about Texas. Most of them include the way we try to impose our views of the way marriage and the rights of others onto others. On the other hand, my family has been here since before we were even a Republic. I have two relations that died in the Alamo. I read stories of how they stood up for their beliefs against the odds against them and the price they paid for doing it. I remember that we can not separate our culture from that of Mexico. I think of those forgotten heroes of the Alamo…the common soldiers in the Army of Santa Anna. Texas will change for the better and still, will remain the same. Do not mistake geography for regional identity. We are neither Southern or South Western. It’s a good thing. We are kind of like the people I try to avoid labeling. We are our own. *editorial, I KNOW most people don’t understand us and aren’t willing to want to like us because of some of the ways we do things. It happens.*


I love being married. It is a pain in the a$$, sometimes. Other times, my Sweety says something that reminds me why we are married. We are a team. There are days when we have to carry the other. It’ just a part of being married.

I suppose, my marriage is why I keep writing for marriage equality. I want EVERYONE that wants to be married to have a chance to be. I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I don’t think that “living together” is the same thing. We did for a year before we married. It seems silly but, a piece of paper and a short ceremony DID change things…


This is enough for now, with one final thought. If you ever read these and want to disagree, please do. If you want to reach my “massive”, not really massive, audience, I’ll be happy to let you “guest post”.



  1. Well, I read this and I’m with you especially in identifying Texas’ cultural and historical connection to Mexico. That’s an important part of its image, on a global scale.

    1. We can not remove ourselves from it. We were Mexico for longer than we have been the USA. Our common laws, land usage, water usage, and cultural identity are far more Mexican than American. We forget that. *sigh*

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