As usual, I’m drawing a blank. *sigh* I was thinking about these and how we wear a mask. Most of mine are fairly “nice”. Sometimes, I’m tired or angry and I rant. I suppose that’s true for everyone. We perceive ourselves as nice people. It’s the way we want to think of ourselves…

Here’s the thing, it is a mask. We are humans, imperfect and fallible. We make mistakes. We judge things we don’t understand and fear them. We are accidentally hypocritical. We attribute our motives to others. We ARE human.

I’ve written a bunch of these trying to convince people to change the way my friends are perceived. Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe it’s the perception of ourselves that needs to change. Maybe it’s not how you see Z or Aj or even me. Maybe it’s that you need to look at yourself and see. I know I had to change the way I saw. I had to learn to not see Pagan or Lesbian or Liberal as an imperfection. Those things don’t matter. They are just part of the humanity of my various friends. I just had to see past the labels I had applied. Those labels kept me from seeing value. Those labels kept me from changing myself. They allowed me to maintain my own view of my own humanity.

You see, when I labeled them, it wasn’t them wearing the mask. It was me. By treating them as their labels, I kept my own self view intact. I was able to say, “at least I’m not one of those”. Thing is, I am one of those. We are all human. Their labels don’t matter. By removing their’s, I remove mine, too.

I’m not a collection of demographic labels.

Hi, my name is Miller. *extends hand* Pleased to meet you.


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