I Don’t Know If This Is Going to Work

I’ve written a lot about labels, both how they define and how they limit us. I have a curiosity question. If you wish, would you please leave a comment telling me how you label yourself? Some people have names and blog titles that answer part of that question. Some don’t. I’ve left the question broad. The answer could be how you label your gender, orientation, faith, race, or any other way you decide. I’m not trying to “out” anyone. I really expect very few responses. It really is an attempt for me to find out who reads these. It is also an attempt to get you to think about the labels you have chosen.

In my case, I have tried to use self-identification to broaden my horizons. I am constantly looking at the way I see myself. I am trying to not conform to some labels that society forces me to wear. An example of that is “ex-junkie”. I am more than that. I don’t look at myself, when I shave, and see a former addict. I see ME. I am more than that label. Does that make sense? I also don’t, outside of this blog and other places I lend support, think of myself as “Straight Miller”. It’s just not something that crosses my mind.

Anyway, if you would like to respond, there are reasons for asking. I wonder who this blog reaches. I try to do a couple of things when I write, I try to show support for people that need it. I also try to persuade the ones that might be in opposition or on the fence to not be.

So, please take a sec *blatant asking for comments* to let me know. I think it might help me on my “quest” to slay a dragon. I also think it might help you to see yourself better by looking at all the labels you wear.



  1. Human? Haha no I identify as gay, but I wish people didn’t see you’re sexual orientation and just saw the person… Also, we can tell how supportive you are through your words and I, for one, appreciate it… Thank you x

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