Freedom of Religion and Marriage Equality

There is a place in my house that belongs to my wife and me. We have a rule, “no electronics in the bedroom”. That space is ours. The tiny exception is a phone used as an alarm clock. Other than that single reason, no electronics. Period.

The reason that comes up here is because we were talking. She said some things that made me glad it was dark. I got misty eyed. I don’t like it when people see that in me. It reminded me why we are married. We need each other.

That for this…Not everyone wants to be married. Some of us need to be married to the person we are married to. I am one. My wife is not the perfect person for everyone. She is the perfect person for me. I love my wife. I love being married.

I’ll keep saying Marriage Equality should be the Law of the Land because of that. To deny someone else a shot at the institution I treasure is cruel. To say that what others might see as imperfection should not be is wrong. To judge someone’s marriage based on an arbitrary standard is just that, arbitrary.

I understand, if not agree with, having a religious view that says that being LBGT is a sin. I also contend that imposing a religious view on a “social issue” deprives me of my Freedom of Religion, too. It seems that when we use religion to limit others practices sets up to have the same applied to us. It is protecting that which we disagree with or don’t understand that gives us protection from those that would do the same. When we impose our views on what adults do in their homes and bedrooms, we risk having the same done to us. We demand the right to have free practice of our faith and then deny that.

If your religion doesn’t support Marriage Equality, that is your right…within your church. If you decide to impose your religious view to society as a whole, do not be surprised when, someday, someone else decides to impose their views on you. Please don’t cry to me. You gave up that right the moment you decided to mix religion and social issues.



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