Musings on Heresy and Pagans and Friends

It has been a busy several days…month or two…so, the posts have been short or pics. This isn’t short…or a pic. *grins*

I really don’t understand the hate that different sects of the same faith have. I was reading a blog post by a Pagan, I think, that was putting down other Pagans. *editorial, this is not intended to be a shot at Pagans or followers of Wicca or anything else. It is just an example. You could substitute Christian just as easily* He was also bashing Wiccans. His reason, their beliefs weren’t exactly like his. It became odder when he had another post talking about how his faith was like being Jewish in 1930’s Germany. If that is the case, why be divisive? Why not stand with those of your faith and present a united front?

I get differences in dogma. The way I view Christianity is best-described as Heretic. My views don’t quite line up with the Progressive, Liberal, or Evangelical parts of Christianity. Without going into a theological debate, I tend to “cherry pick” *editorial “do you believe all of the Bible?” “depends on how you mean that…”* My tendency is to ignore the parts that exclude the souls of others or consign to Hell those that do not fit a specific mould. My belief is that it is the place of God to figure out, not Miller. My belief is also that we are created the way we are for a purpose. That means, specifically, that I do not say you can not be Christian because you are LBGT. In fact, the first person I go to for Christian prayer is Z. She’s a fine Christian Lady. She also happens to be an “L” in the LBGT. Why would one preclude the other?

Is this making sense? I knew Z as a Christian before I knew she was gay. By the time I found out that she is gay, it didn’t matter. Hadn’t mattered all along. It had just never come up. Why would being gay make her less of a Christian? If we both worship the same God, what difference does it make if she loves the same gender as my wife? It is the capacity for love that matters. Why would I presume that God pays less attention to her prayers than mine? *editorial, I have

*editorial, I have bias. I think Z is a “neat” person. Sorry about the dated slang. She’s a person I like having as a friend. If my choice is to exclude her or adapt my beliefs and thoughts to include her, I’ll adapt*

I also have Pagan friends. I go to them for prayer. I don’t understand the majority of their faith. I don’t understand the varieties of “religions” that fall under that broad umbrella term. Sorry, I just don’t. What I do get is, that, if I ask, they “pray” for me. They don’t question my beliefs. They just respect that I have come to them and answer. In return, I pray for them, when they ask. Seems fair. It isn’t my place to judge them for being different. If God had wanted them to be the same, He could have done that.

*editorial, See? Heretic*

Anyway, all of this wandering around to get to this. I think that matters of faith and love should include, not exclude. The group of people I trust includes some Pagans, a Wiccan, some Lesbians, my wife, some Christians, and, occasionally, myself. I don’t question the value of the souls of any of them. I think that I have Christian friends that will disagree with my views. That’s fine. We disagree. As long as the disagreements don’t turn to hate, we can remain friends. If the disagreements do become matters of hate, I’ll just remove the conflict. Some of the finest people I know do things differently than I do. That doesn’t make them bad or wrong. It makes them different. That’s it. They are still Great Ladies. They still keep a Heretic Christian as a friend. If they’ll have me, I’ll count myself blessed.


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