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Finding a title or an unused subject is becoming a problem. I’ve used a bunch of variations on a theme. Finding a way to repeat the same thoughts is also becoming more difficult.

It seems that I’m running out of tools. *sigh* So, I’ll hit the high points…

I do not believe there’s a “gay agenda”. I believe it is a human agenda. We treat human, non-criminals, with the same rights.

I do not believe being LBGT is a sin. I do not understand, as a straight man, being LBGT. That doesn’t mean I think it is wrong. It is just something I don’t understand. Some people like spinach and peas. I don’t understand those things either.

I think that a marriage is sacred. I do not think a “civil union” is the same thing. I do not think it is the right of “we the people” to limit who may be married. If a specific church wants to limit it within that church, that is different. I think that joining a church is a choice. Being part of society as a whole is not. I also don’t think that someone else’s marriage takes away value from mine.

I think that I have done enough fucked up shit stupid stuff in my life that I have no room to judge how people live their lives. Besides, I don’t believe that different is wrong.

I also don’t think it is my place to say that my faith is the only “right” one. It is right for me. That’s all. *an aside, this is specifically being directed at my Pagan and Wiccan friends*

I write these in support of a diverse group of friends. I am proud of having those friends. It is not a pride based on their diversity. It is a pride based on the fact that they are good people that have allowed me to be their friend. As a matter of fact, it was after we became friends that I found out that they were gay or Pagan or whatever.

I believe that humans have worth. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect…right up to the point that they earn disrespect. *editorial, that does happen*

Those are the high points. What they boil down to is we should be able to live our lives in peace and freedom from outside interference.



    1. Thank you. I’ve tried in as many ways as I possibly can to say the same thing. *grins* I have friends. I give them the support I can. It needs to be said by “my demographic” meaning white, middle-aged, straight, married, non-liberal, Christian males. There is nothing wrong with being yourself.

      1. Totally agree, There are unfortunately few of your “demographic” willing to stand up and say it. Supporting those around you is important. It’s what builds them up, especially as so many are willing to tear people down.
        All very well worded 🙂

      2. LOVE it!!! My sentiments EXACTLY. My husband and I were just talking about this last night!

        I don’t get it, being gay for example. I’ve tried to see the draw – really, I have. And while I can appreciate a wonderful familiarity and therefore, ahem, skill set with the important “parts” *snicker*, the concept of sharing my day to day life with another hormonal female does absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing for me. So I don’t get it.

        But here’s the thing: At the end of the day, it’s none of my business. I don’t have to understand, it’s not mine to know.

        (I think as a whole, we’d do well to remember a bit how not everything is our business, but that’s a different conversation. )

        And, on a separate note, when it comes to our friends and loved ones who happen to be whatever it is I may not understand, there is only one, real question:

        What am I going to do, not love them?

        And there you have it. Great article. Thanks. ♡

      3. Welcome.Exactly. I have two options, discard or love. Since I’ve already chosen to love them, it takes away the first option. The reason I write is that, if I’m going to tell them privately that I love them, I need, for my own conscience, to do it publicly.

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