The Tipping Point

This is one of the original posts on this blog. It bears repeating

Stones in the Middle of the Jordan

I have a friend that I truly admire, Z. She’s a Gulf War vet. She’s a great mom. She’s a gun owner. She’s a Christian. She’ the proud parent of her kids, one Autistic. She fishes and camps with her kids. She works three jobs. She’s politically conservative. Known her for years.

I’d been casually making fairly passive posts in support of marriage equality. We’d comment a bit on them. Nothing major. One day, Z told me she’s gay. I had no clue. It had never came up. I’m married, so that kind of thing, looking at her other than a friend, made me no difference regarding her. It was like tripping a switch in my head. My friend that I admired couldn’t get re-married if she wanted to because no one was willing to stand up for her. Pissed me off that a Vet was being persecuted by the…

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