My “Collection” of Yankee Women

I’ve been revisiting some of my “old” stuff. That’s a relative term. Old being a few months ago.

Stones in the Middle of the Jordan

I know the title sounds sexist. If that were my intent, it would be. There’s no intent, so, please don’t be offended.

There are some people that you need in your life. I mean the ones outside of your house. My wife could count in that list but, she’s not a need unless I were to count my heart as a “need”. She’s a part of me. I digress.

When I need someone to pray, I go to three people. One is Christian. One is Pagan. One is Wiccan. The Christian and I share the same faith. The other two and I don’t but, I respect the depth of their faiths enough that I go to them anyway. 

Last night I needed some prayer. I sent a group message to the three of them.Within 5 minutes all 3 had responded. Actually, it was 4 minutes from post to last response…

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