Partnership and Laughter

I cook for my wife. I do most of the cooking in our house. It relaxes me. I have a tradition when I cook. I tell her, “thank you for letting me cook for you.” The reason is that I love doing nice things for her. She’s my wife.

The reason for that story is this. Being in a “civil union” isn’t the same thing. The words “spouse”, “wife”, and “husband” aren’t the same as “partner”. *editorial, a marriage is a partnership. I am just using a different context* “Thank you for letting me cook for you” means more than just those words. It is an expression of love and gratitude. It is proof of commitment. It is that I enjoy doing something for her.

I don’t care if there are two husbands in the marriage or two wives. I just think that being married and thinking that I was worth being married to is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. The thought that I was worth the idea of a lifetime dedication still awes me. That we will grow old, I hope, and still be laughing fills me with wonder.

I know I haven’t mentioned Z in awhile. These, the marriage equality posts, started out because I hope that she is, someday, married. If she ever is, her wife will not be a threat to my marriage. The laughter in her house will not detract from mine. In fact, if she marries, she will be a great wife. Strong marriages make the rest of our marriages stronger. Laughter adds to laughter. The examples that good marriages set show how partnerships should work. I hope that she finds a Lady to marry that is deserving of her.

That is why I am for marriage equality.


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