A Tiny Bit of a Rant

I am a Texan. I can not imagine not being one. My family has been in Texas since it was Mexico.

I say that to make a point. There are quite a few things about my home I wish we would do differently. Our views on how we treat our citizens rights to be married are the top of my list.

I am a tiny bit “defensive” of my home, though. I read comments on blogs bashing my home and I see red. We will change. *editorial, probably because the USSC forces us but, it will happen* Having said that, I really wish people wouldn’t move here and then complain about the way stuff is run. You knew what you were getting into before you came. If you wanted it to be like the place you moved from, why didn’t you stay there?

I am also a Christian. I can imagine NOT being one. I was raised Christian. I fell away from faith.  I returned. *there’s a pattern developing here*

I am defensive of Christianity. I see people setting the evils of the modern world at our feet. I read people saying that, because I am Christian, I have to be against marriage equality. They have decided to narrow my beliefs for me. That’s the issue. You don’t get to decide how I believe. If you don’t want to share MY faith, don’t. If you want to tell me how I believe based on your stereotyping of me, again, don’t.

I understand hypocrisy. I can be a hypocrite. We all can and to some extent are. I can live with that as long as you know you are doing it. I suppose I could stereotype everyone that doesn’t do the same things in the same ways as me. I don’t. I do my very best to think about people on a case by case basis.

Jerks are jerks. It doesn’t matter what state they live in. It doesn’t matter if they’re Christian or of any other faith or lack.

I use this forum to support people. I will gladly challenge the views of my fellow Texans and fellow Christians. I want those things to adapt. I want both of the groups that I most closely identify with to see that love is love. I want them to acknowledge the rights of others to their faith and to love however and whomever they have fallen in love with. I want Texas and Christians to let the tide of marriage equality come to happen. *sigh* I also want an end to stereotypes. If you want to dislike me because you think I’m a hypocrite and a jerk, have right at it. If it’s because of your perception of my identity, I would ask that you consider how two-edged that sword is.


It has taken a day to even begin to write this post. At the point of impact, the backspace key was my friend. I am calm, now. I was irate. I started to paint with a very broad brush. That would serve no purpose other than to be a pointless and ineffective rant. What I wish would happen is that folks would quit using the fringe to judge the entirety of a group. Not all Christian, cishet, white, male, Texans are jerks. Not all of ANY community are jerks. Not all Christians want to force women into submission and stone the LBGT community. By the same token, some of every community hates those that don’t conform to their world view. Having an open mind doesn’t mean you have to be politically Liberal or Conservative.  Having a closed mind is not exclusive to any group. It is just the way you have decided to think.


  1. I love you. I love that you’re an ally. But listen to this. YOU are not TEXAS and just because you believe love is love and in marriage equality doesn’t mean TEXAS does. The way Texas is allowed to treat anyone who isn’t straight is so wrong and I feel bad for any LGBT person who lives in your beloved state. Because it’s only one of many states where LGBT are less than second class citizens.

    You are an ally, the fight isn’t for your rights. It isn’t about you. You’re not being oppressed. If you feel offended because “not every Texan feels [that] way” the comments weren’t aimed at you, because you don’t fit that mold. But the fact of the matter is that Texas treats and is allowed to treat the LGBT community badly. And THAT is wrong. They aren’t changing. It will take more work than Texas has ever done to change this. I don’t expect it anytime soon. People will continue to be treated badly because of their sexual orientation.


    There’s not even a law prohibiting the woman in the article from getting her license. It was the closed mindedness of the DPS worker who denied the license. The woman’s SS Card has her married name on it. That’s a federal document it should have been accepted. But because she was married to a woman the uptight, antigay, DPS worker denied her a drivers license for Texas. How enlightened. There’s a lot I don’t like about Texas, you and yours are not part of it. But that’s because though you are a Texan, you are not TEXAS.

    Make sense? If not the writer of the article below makes the point better than I probably am.


    1. I agree with all your points. This blog post was not directed at you. I read, every day, how bad Texas is. I read, every day, how Christians cause all the wrongs in the world. There are jackasses. I get tired of people stereotyping all of us because of some jackasses. *sigh* It seems to be ok to bash Texas, Texans, and Christians. Finally, it came to a head. This post was the outcome.

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