Dear, Z

This blog isn’t, mostly, about me or for me. If it appears that I want praise, I really don’t. Sure, getting a “like” or a “follow” feels good. The reason is that interaction helps. It lets me know that someone is being reached.

The reasons I do write these are many…and few. Every time I think I know all the reasons, I find another. Still, it really comes back to wanting to support a friend or six. *editorial, I haven’t really counted* It is also that I should speak against injustice when I see it being done.

I also know I personalize comments about Texas and Texans. I find that I identify most with that group. If I have to pick a label that I most often apply to myself, that is the one. I apologize for that defensiveness. I don’t, usually, think of myself as “Christian”, I am or, “straight”, I am that, too. I DO often think of myself as “Texan”. My roots have been here since Texas was Mexico. It is my past and my future. There are things that my home does wrong. There are parts of us that need to be changed. There are parts of us that no one without a long history here will ever understand. There are also parts that we do not understand. *sigh*

I don’t understand what it is like to be, pick one, oppressed or repressed. No one is out to get me. No one thinks my existence is an offense against God. No one questions the legitimacy of my marriage or my love. I don’t get to play the “victim card” because I AM NOT one. *editorial, there are victims. That is all I am trying to imply. I just put it in quotes to say that I don’t get to be one*

The LBGT community is treated like crap. Sorry to be blunt. There is tacit collusion from anyone that doesn’t take the time to say “this is wrong”. The fact that it will take a ruling by the USSC to change this is proof. The voters and various states have proven time and time again that this is true. I wish it weren’t the case. I wish that we could fast forward a few years and get past the current reality and get to some point where this was not the case.

Dear Z,

I hope this makes sense. I am proud to have you as a member of my family. I hope that you don’t find the “tone” of this post to be defensive, it is not my intent. I am entirely grateful for you knowing you can tell me the truth. Even though, I write in first person these aren’t to make me feel good or assuage some sense of guilt. They really are for you. If I have ever been read that way, sorry, I should have found a better way to phrase things. You don’t need me to tell you this but, you have worth. You are a great lady and a dear friend. My pride is reading words, from you, like “I love you. I love that you’re an ally”. Those are words that I keep in my heart. Please, if I say something or do something that should be called out, do it again. If need be, apply a 2×4 to my head. If I, again, become defensive, call me on it.





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