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Haven’t written a blog post in a few days…

I was thinking about Aj and Z yesterday. *editorial, honestly, I think about them every day at least twice**grins* We haven’t had much of a chance to visit lately. Our lives have intruded. I started writing because they encouraged me to.

I want to make this comment. They have aspects of the way they do things that are different than the way I do things. Aj is Pagan. Z is gay. Those things don’t really matter because of the things they have in common. They have “character”. You know, that undefinable quality that means that their souls have depth and they live their lives with honesty. Those things they do differently are not wrong, merely different. My life would be much diminished without them. They don’t have to spend every day talking to me. That they exist and I get to see a “tidbit” of them around is enough.

I suppose that they are part of my argument that God exists. *editorial, Aj would disagree with my view. Remember the bit about being Pagan?* Any world that has them in it must have been created by a loving God. I would hope that you guys find a couple of friends like these Ladies. If you do, you will understand what I mean.

*other editorial, Even though they don’t need “protecting”, I am protective of them. They are “strong women”. They don’t NEED anyone to speak for them, They allow me to. That is far different*


On an unrelated note…Looks like there’s a very good chance that the USSC will take up marriage equality this term. I am a “states rights” person. In this case, I hope and pray that the USSC will tell Texas to eff itself. That’s hard for a Texan to say but, we got this one wrong. I am for marriage equality and if Texas has to be forced to do the right thing, so be it.


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