More Thoughts About Friends

Ok, so I backspaced out of what I was going to start with because it was trite. Going to try again.

Some of my favorite people in the world are Lesbians. The majority of the people I love are women. ALL of my closest friends are women. In any given day, when I think about the people I WANT to talk to, I think of women. My Best Friend is my wife. That skews my perspective. It means that my world view is biased towards what is best for them.

What I know, because of those Ladies is this. Being gay does not make you a bad parent any more than being straight makes you a good one. Being gay doesn’t mean you want to bring down the straight people. Marriage Equality is not going to make my marriage worth less. Being a woman does not make you less capable than a man. Character is not based on gender. *editorial, that last bit cuts both ways*

People defy labels. Just as soon as you think you can put someone in a box, they step outside of it. Everytime I think I can finally find a label that fits me, I find something else that needs to be added. Every other human in the world is the same way. When we use one single label, like “female”, “gay”, “straight”, or anything else to define a human we do them, and ourselves, a disservice. Better to rejoice in the variety that we are surrounded with. Better to care for those that have earned, by their character and loyalty, our love. If I had only embraced as friends those people that were just like me, I would be a lonely person. As it is, my tiny world is much bigger that I could have imagined.


On a personal note, you guys know who you are. I’d name you all but I’d have to go from A to Z *grins* and hit some of the letters in between, too.


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