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I have slipped the past couple of weeks. I used to post something every day, sometimes more than once a day. I don’t really have any excuse. “I’m tired” isn’t really an excuse or a valid reason, still, that’s it.

I worry that these get repetitive. I know that this blog started out to be about my personal growth. I suppose that someday that will return. I’d write about the learning curve an ex-addict has except that I don’t really wear the label “ex-addict”. I have been an addict. If I use again, I will be an addict again. Now, I am just Miller.

The rest of the reason these are not about me, for this season, is that writing for Marriage Equality is more important. We are at a time, in American Society, where the last of the legalized prejudices are being broken down. *editorial, I do not presume that legal equality will change the views of those inclined to hate*

I know I came late to the issue. I, too, had to be educated. I had to overcome my own conditioning. More of my life than not, I would have agreed with the oppressors and not the oppressed. *sigh* I was taught otherwise. I learned from people that didn’t really even try to teach. They lived their lives and I opened my eyes. It happens.

I also had to reevaluate my religious views. I read and pondered the words in my Bible. I came to the conclusion that I could not use words of love to advocate hate. *other editorial, before you ask, “do you believe ALL of the Bible?” make sure you are not, also, selectively applying it. I freely admit that I ignore parts of it. Society has changed. * I call my personal faith “Heretic Christian” because I WILL NOT use my faith as an excuse to repress.

Here’s the bottom line…again. Marriage Equality is the right thing. If we use any excuse to deny non-criminals “equal protection” then we set ourselves up for the same. Just because someone does not conform to your world view or the strictures of your faith does not make them any less human or deserving. Just because they do not love in the manner that you want them to does not make their love any less valid than yours. Just because you think that they can not have faith does not mean that they do not have faith. It is not our place to repress someone because we are straight and they are LBGT. There is no excuse for treating humans as anything less than human.

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