It Seems to Fit

I have said time and again, I am a Christian. I am for Marriage Equality. No, I am not gay. No, I do not find a conflict between my beliefs and social change outside of the context or the specific written words in the Bible. Yes, I recognize your right to disagree with my views. Yes, I realize that some will believe I’m going to Hell for them. Yes, I realize that some will think I’ve fallen into the Gay Agenda or some politically liberal views, I have not. *editorial, my political views are either “moderate” or “libertarian”. not that it’s really your business* No, I don’t see a conflict between being Christian and thinking that if “God is Love” then it follows that loving someone is not wrong.

The reason for this post is because I saw this meme posted on FB by Lizzie the Lezzie.



    1. I think that’s the nice thing about writing a blog that is basically op/ed. I am under NO obligation to actually report the news. All I have to do is give my opinion. I want people to be influenced by my views in a positive way but, I don’t need the readership. If no one but you and I read this, so be it. As a result, I don’t have to have a “scoop” in order to sell the news. That means I don’t have to come up with anything that would attract readers. Those guys need to sell what they are saying. I don’t. Besides, without specific permission, I do not reveal anything. *editorial, I’m not feeling defensive. I hope this comment doesn’t come across that way*

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