I get tired of arguing the point. *sigh*

I’m tired of people telling me that my prayer partner who happens to be Christian and Lesbian is going to Hell.

I get tired of being told that being gay is a choice. I asked Z. She told me it wasn’t. I believe her. If I trust her with my prayers, then I trust her to tell me the truth about that.

I also get tired of reading comments telling me that I have to be anti-LBGT because I’m a Christian. Both sides of the issue are guilty of that.

I get tired of being asked, “do you believe all of the Bible?” by people that, themselves, cherry pick. Here’s a hint, if you really mean that, then you advocate polygamy and rape victims marrying their rapist. You also advocate slavery and are against equal rights for women. Those, too, are in the Bible.

Being Christian doesn’t mean I’ve cornered the market on wisdom and virtue. It also doesn’t make me narrow minded. In all fairness, self-identifying with any label doesn’t automatically make you virtuous. Those things are worked for and earned. There are jerks that are straight…and gay.

I wish the people that have the stereo-types in their mind could meet Z. They would see what I see, a human. Sure, my view of her is biased. I will ALWAYS see her as a person that I cherish. That affects my view but, I held that view years before I knew she was gay. That view was one of the reasons I’m as vocal an advocate and as open-minded as I am. Before I knew she was gay, I went to her for prayer. That educated me because, I knew her as a person before I knew the label. *editorial, I have a friend Aj that is Pagan. We became close. Then I found out that she was Pagan. That, too, was an education* A result of knowing Z means that I can not consign her to Hell for being gay. Another result is that, if I can not think she’s going to Hell, I apply the same standard to everyone else.

People’s views can change and adapt. We can be educated…if we are willing. I’m tired of arguing the point. If you are unwilling to learn, don’t bother coming to me for help. I only want to deal with humans. Humans are teachable.




  1. Being straight would be the choice. I chose to pretend to be straight for most of my life. Only now am I who I really am!

    If I’m Hellbound, I know I’ll have the company of all the fake Christians who wouldn’t accept how I was created in HIS IMAGE!

    1. If I thought you were Hell bound, would I call you my “prayer partner”, pray for you to have a long and peaceful life, or go to you when I need Christian prayer as a first and only choice? I love the person that is you just the way you are. Don’t care if you’re gay or pretend straight.

  2. I chose to believe that if God created us in his/her image then he/she is gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Buddhist, etc.. His Image! Then that means we’re all reflections of him.

    Controversial – even bad guys. It’s called free will.

    If we are truly to believe that we we’re made in his image then it has to include us all. I think what matters is how we live and love.

    I hope ive made a modicum of sense.

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