More of an “I’ve Been Thinking” Post

This has been running around in my head for some time. I’ll try and see if it makes sense. I’ve been thinking about intellectual and moral honesty…

I read posts by my Christian friends saying that they want the “religious freedom” to be able to discriminate. *editorial, before I go any farther, I self-identify as “Heretic Christian”*. They think that they are under “attack” by the “gay agenda”. They have cited the Idaho case where a for-profit wedding chapel was told they would have to allow any couple that wanted to get married to be able to or, face fines for violating anti-discrimination laws. My friends have used this example to say that their freedoms are being denied.

I’ll play that game. I wonder if those same friends would, then, have the courage to say that they could defend the right of a store owner that had the religious beliefs that a woman’s head should be covered to deny a Christian woman service for not following that conviction. Would they support denying service to a male without a beard or, do they really mean that they only want religious freedom for those that share their specific beliefs?

It’s not Freedom if what you mean is “you can do what you want as long as it’s the way I do things”. That is the opposite. Standing up for Freedom means that you stand for the rights of those that do things differently.



  1. If the chapel is for profit, how can they claim religious freedom? That dog don’t hunt. The first amendment guarantees that you can have religious freedom not the freedom to jam your religion down anyone’s gullet (this goes for the islamification this country is going through right now, too!) You don’t want to marry gay people? Don’t build a for profit wedding chapel in a state where same sex marriage is legal.

    People also say this country was founded on the basis of escaping religious persecution. Right! No one in the “old world” could stand the Puritans! They were a bunch of over the top, my way or the highway, burn/drown /beat you if we think you’re a witch (read: function outside our school of thought and teaching) zealots. You wanna practice your claims-to-be-Christian-but-isn’t religion, do it on seclusion. Don’t mingle with those of us who give a damn about human beings.

    Oh, and there is no GAY AGENDA other than not wanting to be treated like second class people.

  2. Z, I always put quotes around “gay agenda” because I agree entirely with your point. I’ve been accused of falling into it because I think Human Rights and Freedoms are for ALL humans. Yeah, the for-profit part is what gets me. So, I agree with the whole of your comment.

  3. While I can’t speak to the validity of this post, you might find this article interesting:

    According to the article, The Hitching Post was never actually a chapel, nor the people who ran it ministers. It was 100% a for profit business catering to both straight marriages and same-sex unions. So when your friends use this as an example, feel free to correct them. 🙂

    1. That, too, is my understanding. Also, the allegations that they might be jailed are wrong. The City of Coeur d’Alene said that would not happen. I wrote this post because I try not to be a troll or argue with folks that aren’t willing to listen to reason.

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